Friday, January 21, 2011

A New Start

Well, as I had mentioned my job was in jeopardy because the mother of the children I watch was facing a possible lay-off. When she informed me of that, I decided to put in applications everywhere that was hiring child care providers. I had two interviews at the same company and they offered me the job. I was feeling very guilty for taking the job, as I wasn't sure what was happening with my boss' company yet. The day I resolved to put in my two weeks, she wasn't there. I made it a matter of prayer and decided the next day would be the day to do it. Before I even had a chance, my boss bought me a cup of coffee and broke the bad news, that she was laid off a half hour after I left her house yesterday. I am relieved that I don't have to carry the guilt of leaving a family already facing job insecurity. It is upsetting that she is laid off but they currently live well under their means so they'll be okay. I am sad to leave the three boys I've really grown to love. So anyway, the new job is further away and full-time instead of part-time, but only 4 days a week. But at least we won't lose our house...yaay. lol. I am cautiously optimistic =)

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