Friday, January 21, 2011

A New Start

Well, as I had mentioned my job was in jeopardy because the mother of the children I watch was facing a possible lay-off. When she informed me of that, I decided to put in applications everywhere that was hiring child care providers. I had two interviews at the same company and they offered me the job. I was feeling very guilty for taking the job, as I wasn't sure what was happening with my boss' company yet. The day I resolved to put in my two weeks, she wasn't there. I made it a matter of prayer and decided the next day would be the day to do it. Before I even had a chance, my boss bought me a cup of coffee and broke the bad news, that she was laid off a half hour after I left her house yesterday. I am relieved that I don't have to carry the guilt of leaving a family already facing job insecurity. It is upsetting that she is laid off but they currently live well under their means so they'll be okay. I am sad to leave the three boys I've really grown to love. So anyway, the new job is further away and full-time instead of part-time, but only 4 days a week. But at least we won't lose our house...yaay. lol. I am cautiously optimistic =)

Monday, January 3, 2011

Clean House

Phew. I have been cleaning since 10 this morning and I'm still not finished =/ I usually have two days a week in which I'm home and hubby's working but because of the holidays, he's had time off. I've loved having more time to spend with him but the house suffers as a result heh-heh. There are still dishes in the sink and sheets in the washing machine but I'm going to consider everything just about done.

Our dining room has looked like an office for far too long. Finally got arounded to organizing the hutch and putting things where they belonged.

Having a house has made me appreciate apartment living in more ways than one, but especially with cleaning. It takes so much longer now and I'm still trying to come up with a time effective way to clean each week. I think the key is to not be so messy during the work week, to spend a few minutes each day on organizing but...blech!

But for right now, I will go enjoy my mostly clean abode and relax. Ah.