Monday, January 3, 2011

Clean House

Phew. I have been cleaning since 10 this morning and I'm still not finished =/ I usually have two days a week in which I'm home and hubby's working but because of the holidays, he's had time off. I've loved having more time to spend with him but the house suffers as a result heh-heh. There are still dishes in the sink and sheets in the washing machine but I'm going to consider everything just about done.

Our dining room has looked like an office for far too long. Finally got arounded to organizing the hutch and putting things where they belonged.

Having a house has made me appreciate apartment living in more ways than one, but especially with cleaning. It takes so much longer now and I'm still trying to come up with a time effective way to clean each week. I think the key is to not be so messy during the work week, to spend a few minutes each day on organizing but...blech!

But for right now, I will go enjoy my mostly clean abode and relax. Ah.

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  1. I can relate. I always feel like my standards of cleanliness don't match up with my busy life and that creates crazy Bre! Usually the only time my house meets my standard of cleanliness and I'm content is when I'm slacking in some other area of life. But such is the world we live in!