Saturday, December 25, 2010

Exterior Photos from a Warmer Time

Tomorrow we are expected to get a foot of snow so, why not post photos from the fall & spring? =P Let's begin with how our home looked when we bought it...

Frightening, I know.

Hubby being goofy.

Our 'sold' photo with our realtor, my sister-in-law.

Now time for some during photos. We used Paint & Primer In One Exterior flat paint by Behr. Labor, of course, was free as we made this into a DIY project.

The screen door will eventually be replaced with a more energy efficient glass door. All of my potted flowering lilies fell off before this picture =(

A bit dusty, but this is our deck after painting. Bench from ROSS:$29.99 (A real steal considering it was originally $118!)

Riverstones from a local company: $50/ton. My rhododendrons that are now dead! I don't know how to keep anything alive.

Side of our home.
There is still much more to be done outside, like new window trim and new windows eventually, but there you have it! I will take more photos with the snowy lanscape tomorrow =)


  1. You killed rhodos? Oh my you're as bad as me. I had a bonsai pact with a couple ppl and killed all of them....

  2. I see all these rhodos that have been alive for years and years and years, never watered other than by rain and they thrive. We plant ours, water them, and they are shriveled up dead. We have to figure out the secret. Maybe it's in when they should be planted?

  3. When did you plant them? You know what though they really need to be watered a lot when you first plant them so the roots can get established, like every day, for a while. Because like all the roots are just all in the root ball up top. The ones that have been there for years have roots deeeeeep in the ground so they can draw moisture from down there. You can also like loosen up the root ball a little bit to encourage new root growth. How did they look when they started to die?

  4. I think I planted them in the spring/early summer. After I did that, someone said it would be better to plant them in the fall. One started dying before the other but they both eventually wilted up. Right now they look a mess. I haven't ripped them up yet but they look like goners.

  5. Did you like only water them once after you planted them? My (humble) guess is that it was a water problem. I don't think planting them in the spring would be an issue. If anything I would think planting them in the spring would be better. Its warm so its a little less stressful for transplanting. But I really am no expert, I didn't work much in the nursury yard, I did more with flowers.

  6. No we tried to get out there to water them like every other day but they still weren't happy. I really like rhododendrons so maybe I'll try again. I want to get more shrubs and such next spring but I have to make sure I can keep them alive before I spend all that money lol