Friday, December 24, 2010


And here are the AFTER photos:

I mentioned that we are very much budget renovators, so..

Labor: FREE + Kilz Primer: $30/gal + Satin paint from Walmart (Would not recommend): $18/gal + Butterfly pictures: $9.99/ea + Reused window treatments from apartment + IKEA curtains: $14.99/2 panels

IKEA Children's Wardrobe: $40 (Mother sewed new fabric panels)

Lantern from ROSS: $12.99

Hamper from HomeGoods: $16.99 + gifted jewelry armoir + picture frame from WalMart: $8.00 (We exchanged standard wedding vows at our wedding, but wrote our own to exchange that night. Printed them and used them in the frame)
Nightstand/Plantstand from HomeGoods: $14.99 + Butterfly Candleholder: $3.99

Bedding from Walmart: $50 online/$64 in store

Trunk I've had forever, gifted candle, and souvenir from Florida
As you may have noticed, we don't exactly have a bedframe but that is in the works =) This room is still not completely finished, but it is getting there!